laroux.js 2.1.0

This project is a jQuery substitute for modern browsers and mobile devices. But instead of offering some wrappers and own dynamics, it simply provides helper functions to achieve the same objectives as jQuery or Zepto.

laroux.js is right for you if you:

  • Complain about people who do not know the difference between jQuery and Javascript.
  • Love working with more compact, organized libraries in smaller sizes (~45K).
  • Want to be working with native DOM objects instead of wrappers.
  • Want to leverage the debug console's autocomplete/fluent typing.
  • Are not satisfied with the performance of other libraries on mobile devices.
  • Looking for a light abstraction layer to build your toolkit on.
  • See FAQ for more.

Snippet Library

To add your own snippets to this page, please don't hesitate to send your pull requests to this branch, all you need to do is editing snippets.json and placing your code sample into snippets/ folder.